Trier & Luxembourg

13 September
Headed off to Trier, the oldest city in Germany and went on a city walk, enjoying morning tea in front of the Porta Nigra (Roman Gate), Karl Marx’s Haus where he was born and leaned much about his interesting life. Bought peaches in the Hauptmarkt and walked across the Roman Bridge over the Mosel River. Travelled on to Luzembourg where we had a late lunch in the french restaurant and walked the city until dark visiting Notre Dame Cathedral (1613-1618) built by the Jesuits and building churches is not what they are noted for, Ville Base Vallery on the river Alzette, intersting numbers of fountains. We spent a very interesting hour in the house where Karl Marx was born – it is now a museum telling the story of his life and the effect on Lenin, Trotsky etc. and the time he spent in near poverty in London. This city appears to be made up of old stone buildings and very new glass buildings mixed together. Did not notice any buildings from the baby boomers era – maybe with the EU being based in Luxembourg, has provided a boost for the city. Spent the night in Bella Napoli hotel down near the railway station.