2018 – UK, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and France

2014 – RUSSIA


This whole process started back in 1990 when we decided that we would love to experience the Passion Play in Oberamagau. It was realised this only happened every 10 years so would need to be enjoyed after the kids had finished school and possibly left home, maybe.

We had previously tripped around Europe and England for our honeymoon back in 1979. During the interveaning years we both visited England, Scotland & Ireland with Andrew & Sally or individually to visit family and friends. Most trips were by ourselves as someone had the care for the kids and depending on the reason for travel. Whilst still in the southern hemisphere, we also did a bus trip to central Australia to show the kids where they belonged and also visited the 7th Sate over the Tasman Sea (New Zealand).

We have now locked in the 7th of September 2010 to see the play with our friends, Ian and Luba. We arrive at the hotel in Garmisch Parten-kirchen on the night before the play and enjoy a dinner, accommodation and breakfast before heading off to Oberamagau which is a short distance away. This gives us the opportunity to maybe check out the town and its close neighbour, Unteramagau before the show.

We have lunch then show starts at 14:30 and runs for 3 hours, at which point we all go to our alloted restaurants for our evening meal before returning to the 2nd half of the play. The play finishes about 22:30 and we are then transported back to our hotel for the night. After breakfast and checkout we head on our way to Stadtkyll where we will spend the following week checking out the local countryside. From here we will visit Denmark, London, France, Ireland, Wales, Leeds and finally a week on a narrow boat on the Greater Union Canal out of Market Harborough. Maybe we might even get to a show in London before coming home.[lg_gallery]