You have been WARNED!!!

You have received this message because you are on the Intelligence Watch List.
Also if you are already in possession of some of this informations, consider yourself lucky.
That will be the end of intelligence!

You are given prior warning that that bumbling spy, Boris, is on the move again.
He is believed to be masquerading as Hans the Luftwaffe oberleutenant in charge of the water wagon. Actually they have worked out his capabilities. Would you trust him with more than a cup of water? He may be associating with several frauleinen und may be seen in the company of hauptmann (the main man) Hobson (that has to be an alias!)

He is believed to be leaving Australia on 30 Aug 10 and followed on 1 Sep 10 bound for Muenchen. Failing all sanity he will be returning 19-21 Sep 10 out of Frankfurt-am-Main and again followed on 26-28 Oct 10 out of Muenchen.

All are to remain alert. Come on team, let’s not have an international incident.

Viktor (yes, he does get around)