From the 27th in Vladivostok to Beijing on the 28th

We returned to the hotel and got organized for the flight tonight and had another walk mid afternoon and returned after a light dinner, booked out and headed to the airport. Met up with a late 20s Chinese breast cancer surgeon and we enjoyed each others company until we took off. He was trying to join us in our car to the hotel but realized it was the wrong Novatel and found his own way back to his home. He was a nice lad who had just enjoyed 2 weeks in Russia.

Up at 9 and had breakfast and thought we would feel awful but today has been excellent. We headed off and found the “Gate of Ritual and Celebration” in Tienanmen Square which is rarely open to foreigners but as Wednesday is their national day, 1 October, we had today only to have a look at it and in we went. There are some photos of people we did not know but certainly wonderful views of the city.

I then headed off to the Temple of Heaven where I spent nearly 3 hours wandering in the solitude and few interruptions – it was brilliant. Ian decided to take it easy for the afternoon and lay down for a rest.

Walked back at 6 pm and woke Ian as I opened the door. Decided to have a light meal downstairs rather than try and find something outside as we need to get to bed also at a reasonable time, lucky breakfast starts at 6am.

People mention the smog here in Beijing/Peking, today there is practically none, we just picked the right days and this is weekend and many things will be closed here tomorrow which might hold the smog off for a few days. With the celebrations on the 1st, lead up work has been done in the hope that the smog will have lifted for the day and they have also had a few days of rain which makes a big difference.


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