Departing Vladivostok

Interesting observations as we leave Vladivostok and Russia.

Before we arrived we were aware of the news of an unsafe Russia, but;

  • seen no car accidents at all,
  • seen no punch ups
  • not felt intimidated as we walked through groups of young people or older people for that matter,
  • felt safer here than on the streets of Sydney.


  • people tried to be helpful, although some could not care less,
  • interested in where we came from & knew it was far away,
  • surprised we would want to go on the Trans Siberian Railway,
  • more surprised we would come to Russia for a holiday as they see Thailand or Vietnam as holiday destinations,
  • were recognized as being different,
  • even a lady on the station suggested we move further up the platform as those carriages would go to the airport.


 Wonderful experience it has been despite Boris being here


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