Yekaterinburg, the Tsar’s Murder and squirrels

We have straddled the European/Asian border a20140914_121223(but with any Vodka, pity) – it was a lot of fun with the cabby who only charged us about $30 for 2-3 hours and we used him because there was a bit of rain and the day did not look good. Only had a few light showers but mostly just a bit of wind.

Went off to where the Tsar Nicholas II was murdered in 1918 – just stunning – a church has been erected for him, thea20140914_131833 Tsarina, each of the 3 daughters and the son who probably would not have reached 20 anyhow because of his acute haemophilia.a20140914_131531

The Tsar’s church burned down a couple of years ago so it is being rebuilt and they are all made of wood.

Got a good shot of a squirrel in the parka20140914_172043 this afternoon whilst we were enjoying a walk around the town and some photos will be loaded when we have Wi-Fi again.


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