Moscow to Perm

Looks like this one is a very old train, no

The old train to Perm

The old train to Perm

power to cabins, only a point at each end of the carriage and 2 part way along. Means one needs to stand guarding electronic device whilst it charges. Good view out the window whilst this is happening. The girls have just delivered a breakfast package with toothbrush included. About an hour later dinner comprising of bread roll, buckwheat kasha and probably small bits of lamb shavings. That was about 1630, and it is now 7pm and she has come through and vacuumed the hall and our rooms, most interesting.  We just went and tried to fill our mugs with hot water to make a coffee and Elena would not allow us to do it. She filled our mugs and took them back to our room for us. She and Tatiana have been delightful.

By the time we got to Nishky Novgorod there were only a couple of people that got on the train so we have the cabin to ourselves for the night, so of we went to bed at 9pm.

We did meet up with Alla who was a research chemist in Moscow going to Perm to see her family. The only English speaker we encountered on this train. She would short or taxi for us when we arrived in Perm although we did not know it at this time. She saw us walking towards the buses looking obviously lost check where our hotel was and rang them to send us a taxi. We will use this technique again.


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