Moscow to St Petersburg – 5 September

Quiet morning this morning. After a good sleep we got up and packed our gear ready for the trip north on the Sapsan. Out of the hotel with the aim of dropping our stuff at Leningradsky Vokzal and then wandering off to check out Red Square. A few glitches with trying to get out and back into the station and we just decided to skip Red Square as we still have 6 hours spare when we return later in the week. Traveled north reaching 226 kph at times passed some dachas and over the Volga River,

through some luesh green countryside with plenty of trees which looked similar to birch. At 1435 we arrived at Tver but have been asked not to alight unless we are getting off (for our safety).

Train speed details etc.

Train speed details etc.

Finally got to St Petersburg right on time at 6 pm and were met by Luba who escorted us to our hotel where we had a coffee and went across town to check out the beautiful church built where Alexander II jumped out of his carriage to help one of his guards who had been shot. Alexander was apparently a really nice Tsar who had done a lot for his people but that did not stop him being shot and killed as well. The church was built on the spot. We returned to the hotel for a sleep before a big day tomorrow.

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