In the shadow of Graf Nikolai Murav’yov-Amurckiy

date: 24 Sep 2014
In Khabarovsk, the main street is called Ulitsa Muravyova-Amurskogo. It changes name to Karla Marxa at Lenin Square, and of course, there is a Lenin Street.
There is a statue of Muravyov-Amurskiy in the park adjacent to the regional museum (Muzei im N.I. Grodekova). [It was first erected in 1891, removed and replaced by Lenin in 1929, and restored to its position in 1989]
Boris and Timofei first noticed this fellow, when they fleetingly touched 5000 ruble note.
They of course went behind his back and went into the museum.
And upon leaving the museum, they found the United Russia headquarters.
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