Apologies to those who are not cycling nutters

No cyclist is safe.
Timofei has retired from the secret agent business and has become a cycling enthusiast, whether it be motorized or requiring physcial effort. He has built up a stock of photos of all manner of transport resembling a cycling device.
Upon leaving the hotel in Qianmendong Dajie (we think it means Busy Street, but then they all are busy), Boris and Timofei headed for Tianamen Square. They must like people, because China put lots of them there.

In Qianmendong Dajie, Timofei found his first cycle, then the second, then the next 100. All had to be photographed. If it had not been for the motor car, the streets would have been full of them.

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Actually Tianamen Square provided some relief from the cycles, but our heroes did find a new best friend. Samuel is a Swedish guy, who speaks with a Midlands accent. His father came from Nottingham and his mother from Malmo.
Upon exit from Tianamen the duo were nearly run down by an official on a three wheeled cycle with tray back.
It is dangerous here.

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